Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tub Talk

"Look, Mama, I have a tail!" *splish splash*

She pretends to look sad, eyes downcast.

"I wish I was a yuman."

A human?

"Yes. I wish I was a yuman so I could marry my guy."

I don't say anything, I just keep scrubbing her down, probably a little too vigorously.

"Alls I have is this tail. I have two arms, a tummy and seashells on my boobies. See?"

"But (again with the downcast eyes) I wish I was a yuman like my guy. Papa told me not to go to the Seawitch but I did'n listen. Papa wants me to stay with him and my sistuhs but I need my man so I need legs."

A dramatic sigh as she splish-splashed some more.

Rather than throw up on us both, I silently curse Disney and offer to wash her hair in the pretend beauty salon, complete with Marge the Hairdresser. When that distraction failed, I dangled the promise of a popsicle if we ended this episode of Mermaid Angst immediately.

Sugar overrules a guy any day when you are three.


T-girl said...

That made me laugh... Mermaid angst!!!! I have no idea why that is so funny but IT IS!!!!!

Jemmers said...

She is too precious!

Dr. J said...

LOL. I love the part about the seashell boobies. Is this post a hint at what she's going to be for H-ween?

louann said...

Bella is TOO cute and smart and funny!!!
But ah yes...television- they do get our kids.

Midas said...

That is too funny and adorable.

Katrina said...

Sometimes when you are thirty-three, too! LOL...

How cute is she?

Amanda Sue said...

i count it modesty that she covers her boobies. could be worse.

Kandace Groenewegen said...

I think that was the funniest post you have written yet. it wins an award in my books!! A seashell boobie award!

tallulah said...

Sugar outrules a guy most of the time when you are 39 too!