Saturday, November 03, 2007

Scary As Can Be

Halloween at our house was good fun. I mean that with the slightest sarcasm.

Waiting an entire day to put on a cute costume to go collect candy from people who tell you how adorable you are is pure torture for a kid. By the time Daddy came home, Bella had already wiped off her rosy cheeks and yanked out her bow, Ava had a run in her pantyhose (get used to it, love) and her nose was green slime. The whining had nearly driven Mommy over the edge as she was beginning the sick day from hell.

However, once we showed up at the fall festival (I think it is so silly that this is the new Christian "PC" for Halloween) and saw all the fairies, princesses, goblins and an entire family of The Incredible (seriously. How cute is that?) Bella and Ava both lit up with excitement.

We ate, we walked, Bella jumped in the bounce houses, exiting them as only a princess could.

Ava walked and ran everywhere. Yes, ran, at least as much as pudgy tiny legs can muster up. I envisioned her face planting in the asphalt as she decided to test her new skill, in new shoes and a fluffy costume. My heart couldn't keep functioning in my throat so we distracted her with a brain-rattling carnie train ride.

It really was a fun family night watching the girls enjoy themselves so much. Then with amazement as our three year old ran like a freight train fueled by pure fructose until she crashed into a cotton pillow wall. First thing she asked for the next morning? Candy, of course.

How was your Halloween, or, Fall Festival?


Amanda Sue said...

our preacher stood up at the front of our church and read announcements a few weeks ago. he said:

"It looks like we will be having a Harvest Festival on Wednesday the 31st. Kids can wear costumes and we will have games and candy."

there was a two second pause and then he said:

"Who are we kidding? This is a Halloween Party. So come to our church Halloween Party. Or whatever you want to call it to make yourself feel better."


Katrina said...

LOL at Amanda Sue--that's funny!

Your little darlings are adorable, Jenn--isn't it funny that the sugar-induced hysteria doesn't show in pictures? Looks like they had a ball. :)

Kandace Groenewegen said...

HA! That is hilarious. PC for Halloween party for sure. Besides, what is so terrible about happy pumpkin faces and kids in cute costumes??!

I think the sound of a child whining could be used as a form of torture. More on that later.

theAdelmans said...

you have two adorables on your hands!! our girls dressed up as babies that were sick with hand, foot and mouth disease. it sounds like some third world sickness that you get from sleeping next to your goat. maybe next year will go better!

Be Inspired Always said...

Cute little darlin's you have. I love their outfits.

I'm new to your blog.


Jennboree said...

Thank you, Jillian! Welcome to my blog. I always think I'll blog about something other than my daughters, but, NOPE! :)

louann said...

those little girls are so cute. and goodness, the little one is already running!?

no such celebration for us though =(