Thursday, November 15, 2007

Once Uponsa Time

"There was a beeooooooootiful princess named...Awowa. But the mean, um..."

*whispers behind her hand* "Mommy, what is the mean lady's name?"

"Oh, yes...the mean lady, Malificent, didn't like Awowa. She was jealous and it isn't nice to be jealous!"

*frowning* "So mean Malificent tricked Awowa to touch the noodle at the top of the stairs and all the land fell fast asleep."

"The prince heard about the beeoooooootiful princess and fought the dragon" *She stabs around with an air sword*

"And the dragon got dead and flew far away! The Prince kissed Awowa and all the kingdom woke up and they got married! *she says this part really fast and nearly breathless*

Be Friend. *she bows her head in appreciation for the applause she's about to receive*

Yes, she ends stories with "Be Friend", how cute is THAT? I love LOVE that Bella tells us stories now. Watching her pull stories together from what she's heard or seen and how animated she becomes during her story-telling is a delightful peek into her imagination. *sigh* So blessed...


Katrina said...

So cute! I love the part about how she got tricked into touching the noodle at the top of the!

T-girl said...

Aw, that is SO cute, I swear I could just eat her up! Aren't little people just amazing just AMAZING???? Joci is into pretending right now, tonight she gifted me with two "babies" in each hand, she then said "there! One baby! two baby!" then cackeled in that way only a little person can that warms your heart!

Oh and I have to tell you, I like her ending better then the traditional one. One of my biggest gripes with fairy tales is that they always end with "and they lived happily ever after... the end!" I remember in hs telling my best freind, "how come you never hear about how The Prince got annoyed that Snow White forgot to clean up after all her furry friends... for the fifth week in a row?" LOL (Side not,did you ever see the movie "The mirror has two faces? I just flashed to that when she is talking about love and the kinds and Cinderella's obsessive need to clean the castle! LOL)Anyways, I like the idea of "be friends" better... it seems much more attainable then a constant every day "and they lived happily ever after!"

theAdelmans said...

how exciting! it just gets better and better.... ;-)

Maggie said...

be friend! that is soooooo cute!!!! It's pretty amazing how much these little people pick up from what they see around them. I am so excited for Oliver to get to this stage.