Monday, December 03, 2007

Help. Me.

So Bella was supposed to be taking a nap, or "resting" as she calls it, and as I'm just about to sip on some nice hot tea, she comes into the room, tears streaming down her face.

Me: Honey, what on Earth is wrong?!

Bella *sobbing*: I can't sleep because my hair isn't curly!

And she hands me the hair gel.

Oh, yes. Vanity has arrived. For the past two weeks, she's obsessed about her curly hair. It is no wonder though because everyone and their Grandma comments on how pretty she and her curls are every time we leave our home!

I think the whole pretend beauty shop ploy to get her to wash her hair has backfired on me.


MeesheMama said...

Oh NO!

The things that breakdowns are made of- for 3 year olds...

NB Warrior said...

luckily my curly sue hasn't noticed her curls, just the fact that she's a girl and she needs clips or headbands or whatever else she thinks she needs in her hair to make her a girl. =)

Amanda said...

sometimes i can't sleep cause i know my hair is TOO curly.

so difficult to satisfy a woman's desire for pretty hair, even at 3.

Dr. J said...


As the mom of a boy, this is extra funny. In our scenario, I'm the one who cut his hair and hence his curls and I'm the one who's whining every two minutes about when his hair will be long enough to curl again.

Us said...

gorgeous! i always wonder what the girls will think when they are old enough to read these blog entries.

Jennboree said...

I hope they laugh because I find my children to be confusing and delightful :)

Last night she REFUSED to lay her head on the pillow because she might lose her curls. ha! It was interesting all the angles we tried to take to make her relax about it.

Finally, I told her that God gave her those beautiful curls and so she'll always have them. It worked! Can't argue with God, I guess :)

Jemmers said...

too cute!

I love her drama....and sense of style!