Monday, December 10, 2007

What Kind of Friendship IS THIS?

Thanksgiving weekend, my sister Amanda and her family drove two hours to spend the day with my little family and my inlaws. Not only is THAT sweet, she also brought four starter kits for Amish Friendship bread.

I know. She's amazing.

I rarely bake. It requires precision and patience, both of which I'm lacking. But because she brought me the generous gift, I decided to go for it. I read the directions which called for mushing the bag every day for 10 days, but on the 6th day in, I'm supposed to add a crapload of ingredients before the daily bag mushing.

I opened the bag and...

Oh! *gag*

Gaw! *eyes tearing up*

I had to ask Amanda if this was actually moonshine bread because I'm pretty sure at this point it would explain her 2 year old's love of the stuff.

After that nice whiff, I spent the next four days grimmacing at the fermenting goop in a bag on my counter.

I came thisclose to tossing the bag out on day 10. But I knew that I couldn't lie to Amanda about a bread I never baked. So I followed the rest of the directions which basically told me to separate into 4 more starter kits. Out of love for others, I chunked that.

I did, however, make one batch of the BEST BREAD EVER! Wow. My kids loved it and we polished off the two loaves in less than a week!

All of that painstaking mushing and grossing out taught me a valuable lesson. Well, besides having a little more faith in my sister's love for me.

It made me remember that not everything in life is as it first appears to be. Often a bit more time must go by and with a few changes, what seemed awful can turn into something wonderful and unexpected.

Yeah. Check out the deep thought. I have no voice (oh, the kids LOVE it) but I've still got random thinking going for me.


theAdelmans said...

i forgot about friendship bread! delicious....after it is baked. ;-) what happened to your voice? i am also sans a vocalizer, bronchitis. i am just a bunch of squeaks and grunts.

Jennboree said...

For the last several years when the first winter cold sets in, I lose my voice for a couple of days. I feel fine but my voice leaves on a vacation. Very weird.

Amanda Sue said...

yeah, you might think something stinks, but then it turns out to be awesome.

except bodily waste. that is never ever awesome.

Jennboree said...

Hmmm...especially in your cute dog's mouth, eh, Amanda?

Amanda Sue said...

gag! i can't believe you brought that up again! i was almost over it!