Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys

Picking up Bella from school today, I got to listen in on her conversation with this century's Brat Pack. That includes Bella, her BFF Mitchell, Madison, Elena and Gavin.

Gavin's status always teeters, however.


As they are all coloring, waiting on the parents, Bella tells Gavin that she'll play with him in FIVE DAYS and waves her five fingers at him with a scowl.

No more. No less.

He says something inaudible and she barks at him, "But I love MITCHELL and I said I'd play with you in FIVE DAYS, GABIN!"

Thus is their relationship. A total love-hate toddler friendship.

It all started last year when Bella was 2 1/2. She began preschool and immediately Gavin began pestering her. We called him the Over-Hugger. He could NOT keep his hands off of her and it distressed her a great deal. Even when she dropped out of school, she talked about him for a year. Then he ended up in this year's class.

She tries to make the best of it but he's as third wheel as it gets. Poor Gavin is that boy who pokes, teases, laughs at and irritates the girl he loves. Gavin's mom says that he blushes when talking about Bella. He "writes" her name instead of his own. He's a love-sick puppy destined for constant rejection from my daughter, it seems.

I've tried to explain the boy-likes-girl game but she doesn't understand. Her sweet Mitchell isn't that way! He is kind, loving and attentive. Gavin doesn't stand a chance.

So, I'm trying to think of ways to help Bella handle Gavin's type of adoration and friendship. She talks about him all the time. I think she wants to like him but his aggressiveness makes her angry.

And this is only age THREE!

Stepping out with the paparazzi.


Katrina said...

Oh, the drama! I have one of the overaggressive types, myself. It took many, many talks before she realized that following Thomas around and writing him scads of love notes in church were not the best ways to his heart. Now she invites him over to play video games; that seems to be working a lot better...lol!

Kelly said...

That is one hilarious story. I love it!

cori said...

....as the world turns...

drama is the best word to describe 3 year old girls! :)

louann said...

Very very cute AND funny! And yes, she is only three.

Amanda Sue said...

*sigh* it seems to be in our genes to have to fight off the boys.

poor gavin doesn't know what he has coming if he doesn't revise his techniques of persuasion.

Kandace Groenewegen said...

This picture is a hoot!

I am secretly terrified to have girls on many levels. I am so impressed by all you amazing momswithgirls. Am taking notes.

tallulah said...

Bella is SO over Gabin. Make room for Mitchell!

Anonymous said...

That happened to my daughter at first grade. This over-hugger kid who made endless declaration of love. HE spooked my daughter so much, she wanted to quit school. He's always hounding and hugging her. I guess that's a kid thing. But the teacher, instead of making sure she's not over-hugged because she's so distressed said it's my daughter's fault for being cute? Honestly, what kind of comment is that?


Jennboree said...

Her fault cuz she's cute? That is so ridiculous!