Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And The Winner IS????

I don't talk politics on my blog but this year's Presidential election is fascinating to me. It is such a huge milestone for America to have not only a woman running but also a black man. AND one of those people will win their party's nomination!

No matter what your party affiliation, I hope you too are excited about this historical election. Now our children may truly get to believe it when we say they can be anything they choose to be when they grow up.

Good Lord though, I hope my girls don't want to be President!

In honor of our nation, Bella is here to sing (yes, sing) our Pledge of Allegiance:

"I pledge allegiance to the Unida States of Amewica, and to the Repubicks, for which is sands, un nation, under God, inavisable, in libuhty and justice for ALL, Mama!"


Katrina said...

That is the cutest Pledge of Allegiance ever!

Dr. J said...


theAdelmans said...

it is very exciting, and confusing and empowering and frightening and encouraging......

i just want this world to be a safe, caring, just place for my children to grow up in. i'm crossing my fingers for the best outcome possible!!

Jennboree said...

Oh my, you said it!

T-girl said...

Oh, that is just WAY to cute for words!!!!

I am so confused myself at this election. All the ramifications of what it means, is etc are just mind boggling to me! Honestly at this point I don't know anything about most of the canidates, who I was actually rooting for (like that, sounds like a football game or something huh?) actually dropped out of the race so now I have to go back and re-research and I am not looking forward to that! LMAO Honestly with everything else in my life at the moment I kind of wish there was some white bread, corn feed mo-fo from Nebraska running against another white bread corn feed mo-fo from Nebraska that way I could just inny minny mo it and get the same reslut! ROTFL I hate when I have to think, why couldn't we have a historical election year on a year where I have time to think, don't they know this is all about ME people? ;)