Thursday, April 03, 2008

Big, But Not SOOO Big

Bella: Mom! What's that smeyul? (she has a Southern drawl at times)

Me: What smell? I don't smell anything.

Bella (waving unopened chocolate chip granola bar at me): Oh! I guess it must be THIS. We should open it and see!


Bella got an invite from Austin in class. She doesn't particularly like him but I thought I'd check.

Me: Do you play with Austin? Is he your friend?

Bella: No. I don't play with him. Well, sometimes I play with him but I don't like him.

She laughed.

Bella: That doesn't make sense! I said I don't like him but I play with him! (rolls her eyes and chuckles, walking away)


Bella had some fandangled exercise program at school. That involved loads of parents with video cameras there to capture their angel's 2 seconds of fame. After an entertaining rendition of Hokey Pokey, Bella and her class had to sit on the sidelines with their teachers for another 35 minutes. Do you realize how long 35 minutes is to a kid, especially when she can see her parents on the other side of the room?

You are bound to get some blubbering tears. I could only watch it unfold from where I was. All cheerful and proud of her performance, waving gleefully at us, then 20 minutes ticked by and boredom set in as other kids did their exercise show. Then the realization that her mama was over there holding baby sister and her beloved daddy was there too.

Wait a minute! ( it comes)

Her family is over THERE and she was over HERE.

Tears turned to sobs which turned to wails. I know Isabella very well and that she wasn't about to let us leave that building without her. She could care less at that moment about eating lunch with her friends and laying on a napmat pretending not to sleep.

She cried through the group picture. She cried as she put on her backpack. She cried until I got down and hugged her tight. She even cried as she waved goodbye to the friends who were staying for the rest of school. Ava grabbed the rolled up napmat and began dragging it behind her, she of course was ready for her big sis to come home. I held Bella's hand and I could see the total happiness on her tear-stained face that she was leaving with her family.

I have a highly sensitive child. She's been that way her whole life. So she's the crying kid in class. One day she'll grow out of it. Right now she doesn't care because she loves and needs her family more than she loves and needs her friends. And I'm okay with that. One day the friends may be seemingly more important. I'll just soak up all the Bella love I can for now.


Katrina said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more! They're only little for a short time, and it's nice to be needed so much. We'll be an embarrassment to them soon enough! :)

Love the Bella stories. She sounds like such a!

MeesheMama said...

What a gorgeous picture!

Those first two stories, wee-hoo, I was reading them out loud to anyone who passed by. They are fantastic.

T's Pink Gloves said...

Awww! Iagree let her be she will fly inher own way at her own time!;)

Amanda Sue said...

haha! i love that girl! the things she says!

you take that babygirl home with you and don't look back. she will remember that on some level, and there will be so many times you can't just scoop her up and take her home. :)

cori said...

sensitivity is a beautiful thing. she's going to be a wonderful best friend to somebody. she's going to know just the right time to give you a hug. she's going to be very compassionate. let her cry, laugh and feel the way she feels - she's going to need that freedom the most from you (this comes from a kindred soul).

Jennboree said...

So very true, Cori!

Bella's tender heart and emotional triggers keep me in check. I can identify with her sensitivity because I was (and am) so much like her. Yet I struggle more than I should with what others expect me to do and what my own heart tells me to do. That's a weakness I'm working hard to overcome.

Us said...

You're right, take what you can get now!! I always say "Today is the last day my girls will be this little.". So love, hug, smooch, cuddle, need, adore, amaze, snuggle away!!!!!

louann said...

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Jennboree said...

Louann, you can get Feverfew capsules at most health stores like GNC, but the best is Nature's Sunshine, "high parthenolide" feverfew leaf, 291 mg each.

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