Friday, May 02, 2008

Where Am I?

Oh my gosh! It has been so long since I've posted. That's weird because almost nightly I lay in bed thinking about that day's worth of blogging material.

Hubby and I had our first real date since Ava was born. It was AWESOME. We celebrated 5 wonderful years of marriage with a fancy schmancy dinner complete with me in a dress and heels. I even drank a glass of wine which left my nose numb and my chatter giggly.

The highlight of the evening, other than uber romance, was the preteen boy who maybe didn't think I saw him in the window as he passed by and made goofy faces. His mom was horrified and apologized profusely which was cute.

Then we had a family reunion at a beautiful lake. The kids played until they couldn't play anymore and we took the Pinto of barges on a mini-tour of the water. I swear it was a trailer attached to two floating devices and a dinky motor. We had to sit close to the back so as not to appear we'd gone down Splash Mountain even after the snail's pace poke about the lake.

This past Monday, my girls and I drove to help take care of my mom. Let me take a moment to laugh about that...

First of all, my mom is a rock. She is the most determined human being I know. She had major surgery two weeks ago and she is kicking butt (slowly) in recovering. So how helpful was I? I got DOG SICK on Tues. I couldn't function. It was ridiculous! My mom proved once again who's boss and took care of her granddaughters as well as her kid.

I have to admit, selfish as it may seem, I enjoyed having my mommy take care of me! The next day was much better and I got to help her out which is good because I felt lame-O.

That brings us to today. We're back home, doing mountains of laundry and preparing to begin our journey into selling our home. Egads. That makes me excited as well as want to throw up.


Kid Bits

At my grandmother's house for a visit yesterday, Bella pulled off the brown armchair cover and placed it on her head. Her face beaming, she exclaimed, "Mommy! Look! I'm Jesus!"

Fortunely, my grandmother found this to be cute and not blasphemous.

Parent Tip

If you simply must pull over onto the side of the road so your toddler can pee, I do not recommend choosing a patch of beautiful wildflowers to do so. Your toddler will squirm and squeal with glee trying to pick a flower while relieving herself all over your shoe (or toes in sandals, as it were).

Also, this all leads a 19 month old to believe she's getting jerked around because she's strapped into her carseat like a straight jacket while her sister gets to pick pretty flowers in the sunshine. Screaming will undoubtedly continue well past the time you leave the scene of your crime.


louann said...

Happy 5 Years!! Sounds like you did have a wonderful time.

Katrina said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you got your night out. :)

LOL at the peeing on your sandal story--priceless!

cori said...

Anniversaries are wonderful! Aren't they?! I'm so happy for you. Isn't it fun to be the grown up?!

The Girl Next Door said...

OH GOD! I don't think I laughed that hard in a long time! VERY funny post, I would love to be a fly on your wall and just watch your kiddos and their antics. I SO see you in that field with a distracted Bella and a screaming Ava. I HATE public restrooms, I spend so much time PRAYING she does not need to go when we are out because it will undoubtably come at the worst possible time (say first bite of the meal when you have not eaten in two days)and the trip too, from and during will undoubtably be full of "leave it alone baby, come on let's go potty"... "yes that is pretty/neat/nasty/ ect now lets go potty!" LMAO I feel like a parrot or the worlds most uncool Mom EVER! LOL

The Girl Next Door said...

MY Gads, I forgot.... HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!!!!! It sounds like you had a great time, this year for mine I get to stand infront of a judge and tell him why my husband should have to pay me money he owes that I paid out! How romantic is THAT? Seriously, can I have your anni and I will throw mine in the trash? LOL