Thursday, May 22, 2008

No Humble Pie Here

We are in our final days of 3 year old Frog Class. In about a week and a half I get to start begging her friend's mothers to take her for a few hours when I've peaked on sanity with both children shrieking and tattling.

Bella learned a great lesson about following rules at school recently. As you may remember, she didn't nap or lay on her mat as instructed and in turn didn't get to color which lead to an Oscar worthy performance.

Tuesday was a whole different day for Isabella.

Not only did she lay on her mat quietly, when one of her BFFs was distraught at having to attend school that day, Bella put on her happy face and cheerfully invited Madison to play. The teachers were so impressed with how thoughtful and loving Bella was, they deemed her Line Leader which is like being a miniature Commander in Chief for the day.

She's been glowing ever since. Then of course this morning she had it all planned out to offer her undying love and friendship to Madison once again so she could be Line Leader.


When does humbleness kick in?



Katrina said...

Ahh, the power of positive reinforcement! Heehee. (Great pic!)

cori said...

She's learning to use her beauty and charm in her favor! :) LOL!