Monday, July 14, 2008

Even Scarecrow Had A Brain

Let me just say, this Presidential election is a whip already. Yeah, it has been for awhile but as party candidates rev up for the big day, the ignorance, stupidity (there's a difference!), hatefulness, racism, sexism and blatant lies are overwhelming, not to mention frustrating. It isn't so much the candidates as it is the election machine.

What I really REALLY do not like is the drivel that gets passed off as truth in emails, be it from the far right or the extreme left. We should all know that what we see and hear is rarely, if ever, the truth. I can't believe how many people blindly follow their party's rhetoric. We are, for the most part, an educated nation, are we not? I would imagine that most voters are but, heavens, the misinformation zipping about the air waves and Internet is astounding!

Any election year is important, not just this one. I beg of everyone, do your own research. Look at all sides, even the one you may be so adamantly against. Vote while armed with facts and not emotions or preconceived ideas about a party or person. Otherwise, we are just harming ourselves and allowing democracy to disintegrate into nothing but political fanfare.



Have a nice day! :)


T's Pink Gloves said...

Amen Sister! I am already sick of it and you know it is just going to get worse as we get closer and closer to election day! The fact is.... I wish it was a year later and we didn't have to hear about this any more. LOL
Glad you posted, I was wondering where you were. Figured you are just busy with little feets and "home selling" and all that it intails but I still was worrying... I look forward to my Bella and Ava funnies!

cori said...

Preach it, Sister!!!

tallulah said...

Oh Jenn! I do look at all sides....and then, I follow my left wing rhetoric!

heh heh