Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Go Bella, Go!

Isabella is my chirpy cheerleader. Anywhere we go, for however length of time we are there, she wants to make a new friend. I am not this way. I don't seek out a chatfest with random people, unlike my daughter.

What amazes me is Bella's technique. She will first try to make eye contact with the kid(s). If they ignore her, which often happens since she targets the older ones, then she siddles up to the parent to gab. Pretty brilliant, if you ask me. She figures if she can get "in" with the Mom or Dad, then the kid(s) will see that she's A-OK to be a temporary BFF.

Once in a blue moon, like yesterday, the parent will promptly ignore her. Even when Bella got alarmingly too close to invading personal space, the mother acted as if she wasn't even there. Bella would look at me and flash her best cheerleader smile, then try once again to use her super friend powers on the lady. She tried with all her MIGHT to get the mother to look at her, without ever saying a word to the woman.

This whole time, the target child for future friendship was obviously torn. Should the little girl act as her mother did and ignore the bouncy blonde grinning at her? The girl would eye her mother, stare at Bella, then go back to her Gameboy, never really playing so much as looking perplexed.

I'd finally had enough. The mother was to the point of being rude but then I had to remind myself that I don't know her and perhaps she just wasn't in the mood to be chirpy. I beckoned Bella over to me and quietly suggested she find someone else to chat with. Fortunately, Bella was all over that like white on rice and bounced over to a just as bouncy boy waiting for his little brother to be done with gym class.


Sometimes we have to step back and try to view situations from other angles. Good thing too. I didn't want to have to whip out my can of whoop ass on Rude Mama.

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Katrina said...

Who could resist *that* face? Talk about a heart of stone! LOL! Keep making friends, Bella!