Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little Ears Listening...

We all know that our kids see and hear everything we do, however, we aren't always sure how it translates to them. We certainly don't always know how they are going to repeat it to someone else.

Yesterday when Bella and her daddy were swimming, she asked him why he drinks beer. Naturally, he replied that he enjoys it. Then Bella told him that her friend Madison's dad can't drink it because he falls into the pool, bumps his head and gets sick. Bella thought it was quite funny and as she repeated the story to me, she laughed and dramatically smacked her forehead with her hand.

No, it isn't good that little Madison either witnessed that or had to hear about her dad's incident.
What was fascinating to me was the girls at some point on the playground while chattering decided to discuss beer. Beer!

I wonder what else she and her friends talk about as they swing or draw circles in the sand. I hear snippets of conversation when around them but can you imagine what the teachers must hear out of the mouths of our babes?


Us said...

Whenever Lucy or Marigny see a bottle of beer they point at it and say "Mama". Oy vey!

Katrina said...

I have a teacher friend who routinely tells parents: I'll only believe half of what your kids tell me about you if you do the same for me! It is interesting to overhear some of the precious exchanges that happen between children and try to interpret what they're actually describing to one another.

T's Pink Gloves said...

Oh no, no, no no! There are NO secrets in a house with children! I am fairly convinced I don't have to tell anyone anything at my daughters school about well, anything, because at some point her and her friends talked about it and it is kind of like a telephone tree... with out the tree on just one overhearing teacher! LOL