Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Funny Bunnies

Bella crying: Mama! I hurt my foot! *insert dramatic wailing here*

Me: Oh my gosh! I can't get you another foot!

Bella, serious as can be: Why? They aren't on sale?


Ava, naked (of course) in the their little swimming pool: Mama! Watch is! Soupy he whoa! *insert dramatic splashing here*

That's "super hero" if you didn't catch it.


Daddy leaning out the back door: Bella! Time to come inside for dinner!

Ava leaning out the back door: Beyla! Tie comside deenuh!

Everyone needs kid stereo.


Bella: Mitchell (her BFF) and I play superheroes. Gabyn (shunned since age 2) and I play married.

Mom: Oh yeah? How do you play married?

Bella: We dress up, eat cake and dance around and around and around till we thow up.

Now THAT'S a wedding party.


Katrina said...

I love it! That wedding sounds a lot more fun than some of the ones I've been to!

T's Pink Gloves said...

Well, at least drunk Uncle Bob is not at that wedding copping a feel of all the brides maids, sounds like a good time too me without that! LOL That reminded me of my sister and cousin (both 3/4 at the time) playing house and my cousin saying, "OK Lets get naked and go to bed like real married people do!" This was followed by a loud, "ANDY NO!" by my grandmother who was standing next too me at the time and felt the need to scream in my ear in horror making me deaf until this day!

I love that Ava is talking now!!!! SOOOO cute! I love little people talk, even the mimicking makes me smile!

MeesheMama said...

Random answer: hummus They will lick it off of veggies (and sometimes eat the veggies) and they will eat it spread on bread. They love it so much, and I make it from garbanzo beans that I soak and cook. (I'm not a superhero. I use a crock pot.) I can't say there's anything else they will consistently eat, but any bean dish or soup is a pretty sure-fire bet. (No green leafy things in it though.) Email me if you want recipes.

And they will eat PB&J. Thank goodness. And they finished off about 10 oatmeal pancakes with honey on them the other morning. Another sure bet. I have a great recipe for those....