Friday, November 14, 2008

Something in the air...

I don't know how but it is not humanly possible for me to ever leave Target without having given them a hundred bucks.

I went in today with a list for 10 things. TEN. Then the One Spot drew me in. $5 there. No biggie. Then the sale rack for the OshKosh Genuine Kids (my favorite for the girls!). $11 there (one striped pant, 2 polka dot leggings). Not bad, eh?

The rest is a blur. All I know is that when it came to checkout time, my eyebrows shot up as the register did. $104.23.


That target logo is really hypnotic spend all-your-money trickery. I'm on to them now! HAHAHA!

So....see you next week with my hundred?


tallulah said...

I'm with you there Jenn....Target is my favorite place to shop!

"T" said...

Me too! I am convinced they have a nothing less then $100 policy myself.

cori said...

I think you tacitly consent the the 'I promise to spend at least $100' when you walk thru the front entrance. It's part of their mind control thing they've got going with the whole dot logo.

Anonymous said...

Target I assume is like Wal-Mart? Ours is the highest traffic Wal-Mart in all of Canada and YES it is like 'spend money' drugs float through the air and your quickie run for toilet paper always multiplies to at LEAST $80-100!!


Jennboree said...

Target is the gold star of supercenters. I became a Target addict about a year ago after dropping off Bella at school and whisking Ava to the store for "just a few things". It has never been just a few things since!