Monday, November 24, 2008


First of all, today I heart Home Depot. Yes, the man store. I rarely go in there but Saturday was family day which means we are velcroed to each other for the entire day. That includes barber shop and the man store.

Last spring we got the hankerin (I'm Texan, ya'll) for a propane fire pit. The one we like was tall with a bar around it...for hot cocoa of course...and the pit was in the middle. $299. No thanks! Then hubby saw it this summer. $129. Ooooh...maybe. How bad do we want/need it? Not enough.

This weekend while searching for a spring loaded hinge at the man store, we saw the cool propane fire pit. For FIFTY SIX DOLLARS.

It looks really awesome in our back yard.

I've never given a music review but I have to now. Did you watch the AMA's? Or did you flip channels and come across the New Kids On The Block trying out new sounds with their old songs? Me too!

Did you cringe? Did you laugh as Donnie Wahlberg attempted to rap to Right Stuff? Did you wonder if he's a wee bit jealous that Marky Mark grew up and is a talented director/producer?

Me too! Sadness, really. Movie sequels are rarely good but boy band sequels? Eeee... From 15+ years ago? Eeeeyew.

Stay in your decades, people! Let our memories remain as fluffy as your hair was, k?


A child gang is after my daughter. They are ages 5, 9 and 10. They ride in front our house either on their bikes or their heelys (for you geezers, those are tennis shoes with wheels). Used to, they waited to pounce when the my girls ride their bikes in the driveway. Bella gleefully skips up to them to pick flower weeds, talk about school, run up and down the grass at the front of our yard.

Then dear husband hovered on the porch while Bella socialized for a good HOUR yesterday. WHAT? Doesn't he know that just sets us up for begging in the future??

Then today the door bell rang at 1pm. Ava was napping. I peeked out. The gang leader, 5 year old Justin, was jumping up to ring it again. I wished them away with all my might. Then he rang the dang bell 5 more times! This time I opened the door and his backup, 9 year old sister, was there. She merely said "It's us."


Then she asked if "that girl" could come play. At least know her name!

I don't know that I'll ever let my children just run hog wild like these kids do and like I did when I was a kid. Not sure if that mama knows but these are far different times!


Ava should just be nicknamed Mini B. She walks, talks and acts like Bella. Many say she looks like her too. But I wouldn't know as of late because this is all I see:


tallulah said...

Bubby LOVES going to Home depot because he says that's where all the hot chicks hang out. You are most definitely one of them!

Jennboree said...

Ha! are SO FUNNY.

cori said...

I love how you worded..."velcroed to each other" all weekend - too funny!