Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Perfect Self Portrait...Or Close Enough.

My husband always impressed me with his ability to take self-portraits with a camera. I usually ended up with just my forehead or half my face. Then I became a mommy. This means that I am also the picture taker. So I have very few pictures of me with my children.

Now I practice self-portraits. The key is to have long arms, it seems. And squish everyone together at the same height.

This one reminds me of Bella's favorite joke:

Do you know when it is time to see the Chinese dentist?

Wee one down, people! Wee one down!

Why does my daughter look so pained?

For the last time, Bella, I cannot see your face when you play Bashful.
*sigh* At least all our faces are in the picture?
It appears that I have one smile. One. I'm THAT expressive.
Or maybe I just like to keep things simple.
I did all this work to print pics for hubby before he went out of town and GUESS WHAT. The printer is totally out of ink. At least we had fun! :)


tallulah said...

I hate you. You are so damned photogenic. Oh...and the pictures are beautiful and expressive and a delight to see! Your girls are amazing!

louann said...

Nice nice nice pictures =)

cori said...

Even though you may have only one smile - it's a beauty! Sounds like you have the same kind of luck I do :) (with things going the way you hoped/planned). I am never surprised when we have to opt for plan b or c anymore.

Have a good week with hubby out of town. A nice glass of wine with peanuts and m&m's after kids' bedtimes have gotten me thru many a daddyless week.

Anonymous said...

I agree with tallulah! Except the hate part. Because technically I don't know you, ha ha. Love the pics! Beautiful!!