Friday, January 16, 2009

What I Learned Last Year

1) Honeycrisp apples are hands-down the very best snack apple. Fuji, Gala, Pink are dead to me.

2) Mom groups are a great concept but it is still like high school. The Snobs, the Misfits, the Nerds and me.

3) Weaning from long-term breastfeeding and then embracing the open medicine cabinet and wine without abandon has proven to be much more difficult than anticipated.

4) I know the words to more children's music than adult's now.

5) Four year olds like to discuss death. Alot. And they pretty much figure death is temporary as well as great fun.

6) Ruby is a pain in the arse. Max needs speech therapy.

7) America's Funniest Videos on Sunday nights is stressful for Isabella and a riot for Ava.

8) The Office still makes me laugh and uncomfortable.

9) Two year olds echo four year olds. It is as though we live in a canyon.

10) Daddys of little girls love convents and guns. Even if they never liked either before their daughters came along.

11) Laundry breeds. Not that it is new news, just still shocking.

12) I am a better mother to not always feel the need to control everything in my children's lives. Allowing them both to wean off their plastic or human lovies has been good for all of us in the end.

13) Kids are fantastic procrastinators. I expect this will last well into their 20's.

14) Reconnecting with friends and family from the past can be wonderful as well as really weird.

15) Facebook makes no sense to me but it is absolutely addictive.

16) Clothing is totally overrated. Just ask Ava The Nudist.

17) Fart = Funny in our home. Thanks, Honey.

18) Not all organic foods taste better but organic chicken DOES.

19) Creating an eBay store is nerve-wrecking, exciting and worthy of putting it off a few more months.

20) Sometimes being a good person means keeping your mouth shut and your heart open. Kinda tough when you are all that and a bag of chips, ya know.

So I kept the 2008 lessons learned pretty light and fluffy for ya. But isn't that how we should view the past for the most part? If we harp on the bad, it doesn't do much positive for us in the future.

Here's to the silly lessons of 2009. May you have many :)


Anonymous said...

Love this! So hilarious (I am typing with one hand, short sentences) ESPECIALLY #6....we need to start a ferocious beast fan club!


Anonymous said...

WAIT! I meant support group.

Amber said...

I completely agree with #1...hands down. :0)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about your comment about mom's group this week. Ours is SO TOTALLY grade eight right about now. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

By the way that was me. As in Kandace.

Jennboree said...

Ha! Kandace you are so funny. But MAN the women groups can be frickin ridiculous, eh?