Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kidbits for the new year...

The other night Hubby was telling the girls a bedtime story. A wonderful tale about the friendship between a Pegasus, a bald eagle and Sammy the snake. As he was really getting into the plot of the story, a little hand shot up in the air.

Bella: "Daddy, can I tell MY story now?"

Hers was about a Pegasus, a ball eagle and Sammy the turtle.


Kids have a very interesting knack for being candid with their kid logic.

The other morning, Hubby told Bella to pick up her blocks at night so he wouldn't step on them in the wee hours of the morning. Slightly confused, Bella asked him why he doesn't just walk around the blocks.

Um, yeah, Daddy...


Ava hates baths lately. She loathes washing her hair. It is major drama every time we do it. When Bella went through this stage, I began washing her hair via Marge's Beauty Shop. This means setting up a washing station, getting the fancy strawberry shampoo and putting on my best over-the-top beauty shop persona.

We tried this with Ava last night. As I was scrubbing and "gossiping" with her, Ava grinned and said "See? Is not so bad!"



When presenting me with a piece of white paper that appeared to be blank, I asked Bella if she was going to draw a picture. Surprised, she said, "I did!"


I told her I couldn't really see it very well and again looking surprised, Bella said, "Well, I can!"

What is it they say? Art is in the eye of the beholder. Or the artist?


Ava speaks very well but gets her responses confused. If you ask her something that she doesn't know the answer to, she will shrug her tiny shoulders casually and reply "I don't sink so."

Correcting her is to no avail.

Her favorite thing to say is "I can DO IT MYSEFF!" Never any confusion on that one.


Bella insists that all the songs she sings are without err.

"Give up the morning glory" is correct. Apparently, "Give God your glory, glory" is not.


"Jesus loves the little children. All the children of the world. They are yellow, black and white."

We are bumblebees?


Ava will one day grow up to be a star on Broadway or a magician. She changes in and out of clothing no less than 15 times a day, sometimes so fast that you could barely see what she'd just put on before.

With a new interest in potty training, it is your guess as good as mine if she's going to pee in her diaper and immediately want a new one, pee in her potty and spray as she watches in awe, or go without a diaper at all and complain when her new change of clothing is suddenly wet.



The most baffling of all has to be Isabella's new desire for...wait a minute...

A diary.


She's 4 1/2!



Amanda said...

we must be bumblebees. or Nacogdoches Dragons.

cori said...

I love Bella's take on song lyrics!

And talk about a quick change artist - I have one of those on my hands too. I never have any of her clothes to wash each week, because they are never really dirty. It's weird. If you ever find a solution to that, let me know. I've decided not to fight it...we have many other battles going on in it's place.

Jennboree said...

Very true, Cori. The only time it is an issue is when we are in public and she sees a cute skirt she wants to try on. I have to lunge at breakneck speed to get to her before her clothes hit the floor!

We have to work that out before she hits a certain age, I'm sure.

louann said...

I love the hairwashing story! =)

And goodluck with the potty training! We're in the same boat right now.