Monday, January 05, 2009

Vacation? Really?

Christmas vacation. What does that MEAN?

It means no more school. You and your children get to spend every wonderful freaking moment together for 14 days.

It means baking and eating and eating and baking until you don't want to do either anymore. Then you wear your pj bottoms until you decide to pony up on your New Year's resolution.

It means realizing just how much you do around the house. And how much your husband must do at the office. He at least keeps his underwear, newspapers and fingernail clippings off the floor THERE, right?

It means checking your email throughout the day for the 36 emails about incredible sales you have no intention of looking into but you are delighted with all the attention.

It means having to listen to Rudoff the Red-Nosed Reindeah, Jingle Beyells and all the holiday songs learned for the Christmas progam...performed nearly a month ago. Are there Valentine's day songs we could be working on?

What is the beauty of Christmas vacation? Well...

We get loads of time with Hubby/Daddy. There's never enough of that.

We play games together, dance together, make up songs together, nap together.

The girls remember that they really are each other's best friend. Sharing one another with cousins and friends isn't nearly as fulfilling as an afternoon pretending in the playroom. Or the kitchen. Or under Mommy & Daddy's legs as they lounge on the couch and ottoman reading the morning paper. Or by the bathtub as Mommy gives up on any hope of a Calgon moment.

We see extended family that we haven't seen in months or even years. We swap photos and stories, laugh and even cry.

We cuddle up by the fire and make smore's. Then we have an 80 degree day and spend the afternoon at the park. Mom feels all good about those nature walks and vows to do it daily, then the temperature plummets to 40 degrees and she eats all her Lindt truffles instead.

We stay up late, we sleep late. All together at first, then each to our designated beds or sleeping spots only to squish next to each other on the couch in the morning to watch Charlie & Lola's Christmas for the umpteenth time. Fortunately, we all love those two.

Hubby and I watch our beautiful, healthy children in our wonderful home and feel so very blessed. To be their parents is an honor and a joy. You can never even come close to imagining what it will mean to your soul to have children until they are there. Husband and I hold hands, sneak kisses and try to whisper sweet nothings but that's pointless with screeching girls around so we've got love code. We are best friends and the loves of one another's life. It wasn't an easy or short road to get where we are but we certainly wouldn't change a thing.

'09 will be difficult for many...most, I'd even venture to say...but hopefully this year and it's Christmas vacations will still result in precious moments of pure love and joy with one another.

Bella's advice for your new year? Twirl in a teacup at least once.

Happy new year from our family to yours :)


Katrina said...

Awesome post! It sounds like your holiday break was just chock full of treasured moments! :) It really flew by, didn't it?

tallulah said...

Twirl in a teacup. Now that is sound advice!

Have a terrific New Year!

louann said...

Happy New Year!

I just love the vacations that allow us to spend time with the family. Awesome.

I hope you have a great year ahead.

Amanda said...

happy new year to YOU too, my sista'! here's to blogger, email, facebook, and cell phones.