Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Think I Have A Stalker...

I bought a totally cute Daily Duties wipeboard chart last week online for Bella. I've been looking for one that would stick to the fridge and this one was perfectly girly and cute!

It arrived a few days ago jammed into my mailbox. The mailperson (cuz I'm PC) must've really worked to get that thing in there. When I opened the package, the wipeboard was not only bent but also creased all the way down the middle boxes.

Naturally, I called the seller. The package had nothing written on it like "Do Not Bend." She should be somewhat responsible, right?

Oh. My. Gosh.

This woman is driving me crazy! She not only called my cellphone and sounded very skeptical of my claim but asked that I email a picture of the damaged chart to her. Mmmmkay. I did.

She has emailed me 3 times since. First, to ask me to mail it all back to her. Then she obviously realized that was a dumb request by a seller so her next email said:

It's in the mail, and insured this time. I marked on it front and back, and the post guy stamped all over it. If it's stuffed in there again, maybe it'd be best to take a picture of it before removing it - to prove they've done it despite the FRAGILE - DO NOT BEND warning.

My eyebrows are raised in annoyance at this point. Don't you just chalk up the $8.49 as a loss at this point and just make it right with your buyer?

This email came last night...*DRAMATIC SIGH*...


Me again. :)

Do you still have the complete package that was damaged? I spoke with a different person today, which told me if it was taken to the post office, to the supervisor there - and the delivery date was given, that they 'should' hold that carrier responsible and pay for the replacement.

I'm not sure if you ever go into town, or near a post office. Of course, I don't want you to go way out of your way! But would it be possible to either do this, or call and speak to the supervisor about the matter? It would have to be from the customer, or I would do this myself. The lady today told me that NO carrier should ever stuff something into a mailbox - that they are to take care with people's packages. (I liked her a lot!) :)

IF this is possible without any trouble, you would need to tell them the replacement product was the $8.49 plus the additional insurance - making it $9.44. Then I would just need to send another invoice to you for that amount to pay, so I could have it for my tax records.

As a young mom myself, I can understand trips to town being hard. So, if this is just impossible, maybe you could send me the delivery date/ approx. time/ post office phone number - for me to see if they would talk to me about it.

Cripes, Lady! Is this a joke? Am I on YouTube??

I'm sure this isn't over. I didn't even know how to respond to that last email. I am NOT going to do all that!

Suggestions, o' wise ones?


tallulah said...

I would ask to talk with her Supervisor. Then after talking with him/her, I would request that they just ship you another one without all of the hassle. If they won't....bag it. Eat it and then write every bad review of this company on every website you can find. Hmmmpf!

kate w. said...

That email is a little over the top...ahem. We just had the same thing happen with a package my Dad sent us. I still do not know how in the H the "mailperson" fit it into our mailbox. If a new one is one the way, I would hold off emailing back until she gets the hint.

MeesheMama said...

Well it does sound like the postal carrier (it is a man, isn't it?) is at fault, and I would try to bump into to him and nicely call him an idiot and ask him not to do that again. But certainly the lady should not make you go through all that, and she is being dramatic, more than necessary. Eating $10 should be the end of it, and she should call the PO herself to complain. I would respond by saying that, and that it should not be such a big deal to her. I might add that her complicated handling of this minor situation will likely mean losing you as a customer in the future.

Good luck with this one. (Try etsy next time. I don't know if they have dry erase boards but they have some awesome planners and I've always been happy with the correspondence with the sellers.)

Anonymous said...

Check your front there a lady sitting in there with a wireless lap tp & video camera??!!

~Your Canadian Stalker

Shoshana said...

OMG. That is way over the top of anything I have heard. This lady is a bag of nuts.