Friday, February 13, 2009

Over The Edge

I am artistic but I'm NOT craftsy.

That has been my mantra for years. I've always been one of those who is sort of envious yet sort of gaggy over those uber craftsy, scrapbooking, Martha-lovin freaks.

I think I'm a freak now.

Increasingly, I find myself doing art projects. Don't clap just yet. These art projects are not the kind I used to do like painting, portraits, fancy schmancy pieces.

Nope. Now I deal with purple glue sticks that dry clear, washable markers, blunt scissors and lots of construction paper.

It is CRAZY.

Take Valentine's Day for instance. Please. Take it away!

First, decorated heart cookies and heart-shaped brownies.

Then the 18 Valentine butterfly cards with Smarties inserts.

And I HAD to sign up for the Valentine's craft for the school party. My idea? Birdseed hearts. Seriously.

Which naturally went into cutsey Valentine baggies for taking home. Come on!

I even got a sick pleasure from the oooh's and ahhh's and comparisons to Martha.


The only thing that made me feel better was allowing my kids to devour all the candy in one sitting. I think things looked just about this hazy once they were done.

Happy Not Quite Valentine's Day! And did you know the Easter crap is already 40% off?! I'm salivating as we speak.

I do it all for these two beauties.

I think.


Anonymous said...

Sending love to the birds at Valentines!!! I LAUGHED my butt off. That's fantastic!!

Those cookies look amazing! I wish I could do like Ernie and BErt and reach into the screen and pull them out.


cori said...

I confirm - you are officially over the edge! :)