Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kid Perspective

Bella Funnies...

"Mom, can we go to Old McDonalds today for lunch?"

"Sure, babe."

She claps her hands with glee and says, "They have the best ketchup in the world, don't they!"


We're watching the girls' favorite new cartoon, Olivia. This particular episode is about a new girl also named Olivia joining the class.

I tell Bella that one day she may have another Isabella in her class.

She nods, knowingly, and says, "Oh, yes. Or a Brandon, or an Ally, or a Meagan."


The girls are playing outside and their "five more minutes" is about up. Ava doesn't want to go in and begins her fit.

Bella warns her, "Ava! We can't stay out here by ourselves because we might get nabbed! Mommy & Daddy would miss us and we'd miss them. And if they weren't nice people who nabbed us then who would take me to school?"



On our way to their cousin Channing's house (hubby and I had a hot date) Bella pipes up from the back seat, "I bet the first thing Channing said when she woke up this morning was "Bella!"

Then we hear Ava mumble, "Thass stwange."


Little loves, they are.


tallulah said...

Nabbed? I don't think I've used that word in our children's conversations. Usually it is something like..."They will kidnap you and stuff you in a trunk and torture you until they decide to kill you....slowly and painfully." Hmmmm....maybe I should start using the word nabbed. Maybe my kids would leave the house more.

cricketsdrivel said...

Haha..too funny :) My son calls it "Old McDonald's" too..cracks me up every time!

Katrina said...

One of my favorite things about having two kids is overhearing their little conversations together. Especially the ones where Katie is trying to instruct Caleb about something--it's such a treat to get to hear her take on the world!

cori said...

So, so sweet! I love their perspective on life and the world around them. Especially how Bella is "teaching" Ava about such important things as being nabbed - afterall, that is the whole reason to go in, not that Mom told you to or anything.