Thursday, February 26, 2009

Step N Fetch It Momma...

The last week and a half has been exhausting, at times frightening, interesting and even funny.

Ava had the stomach flu for 6 days. Both ends of her were going around the clock, simultaneously. Our home still smells like Lysol and Clorox. My hands are chapped from all the soap washings and anti-bacterial gels.

Then Ava was better and it was Isabella's turn. Let me just say that of the two, Bella is the worst patient. The whimpering, mumbling, whining, wailing, yelling. And that was just me! heh. I've reached and exceeded my goal of 10,000 steps a day getting Gatorade, puke bowls, carrying children to the toilets, lunging for clean-up towels and medicines.

So after many long nights and days, Bella is finally better too.

Let me tell you that after children haven't eaten anything in a week, they become rabid vultures once their appetite returns. They circle the kitchen constantly, eating everything in sight. They snarl at each other over cinnamon toast on a plate, each grabbing handfuls of it just so the other won't snatch it away. Then they hover in their corner, devouring it and begging for something else to eat.

They kinda remind me of my brother when he was a teenager with a bottomless pit belly.

And the potty training is back on. Ava's sporting her new princess panties. Such a tiny little behind to be wearing panties!

There have been very few accidents. Just races.

Bella will say she needs to go to the bathroom. Next thing you know, they are both bolting to the bathroom. They call shotgun on the little half-bath, then one cries while doing the pee dance as the other triumphantly does her business.

We have FOUR bathrooms, people.

Then they figured out how fun it is for one to be in the half-bath and the other to be in the kids' bathroom around the corner. Because they can hear each other. So then there's lots of giggling, singing and updates on loud toots or large deposits.

Not to mention all this time, I am in charge of wiping. Bella got really used to this service which was provided while she was sick.

I wait on Ava, who doesn't like the little potty seat because she'd prefer to teeter. She'll look up at me, taking her sweet time finishing up and tell me to go check on Bella.


I go in to Bella and she's making origami out of toilet paper as she also takes her sweet time. You can't exactly rush someone on the toilet and my children know it and like it. I am their potty puppet.

I figure at some point I will be in control of this scene again.


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tallulah said...

Heh heh. Yes, you will be in control very soon....