Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gimme Five!

Tuesday morning on her 5th birthday, Bella found a beautiful figurine of Tinkerbell on her nightstand. She was in awe all day of who possibly brought the lovely statue. Was it the Paci Fairy? Or maybe the Tooth Fairy? Or MAYBE it was Tink herself?? She swears she has heard tinkling sounds coming from her bedroom since.

I love that Hubby helped create this sweet magical memory for Isabella. He picked it out especially for her. It is similar to those "wooden" Willow figurines at Hallmark but it is Tink and she's pretty colors. The message at the bottom says "Let Your Dreams Blossom." He's such a wonderful daddy.

Today Ava pointed to the Tink statue and exclaimed, "Look, Bella! Its Tink from China!"

I kid you not.

------------- Kidbits -------------

Ava: I'm Gran's dawder.

Me: You are Gran's granddaughter.

Ava: Mmmmhmmm...I'm Gran's dawder.



Bella woke me up at 3am this morning.

She whispered: Momma, I just dreamed about blowing carrot bubbles! *giggles*

I think I just patted her head and went back to sleep.


I can't believe this beautiful child before me was just 5 lbs 12 oz five years ago! What a wonderful time we're having being her Momma and Daddy and Little Sister. Bella's got a long list of things she wants to do now that she's five so here's to another awesome year!

We love you, Bellarena!!


Anonymous said...

So CUTE! I love the carrot bubbles story. have to get some sleep to dream. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Argg that was me. Kandace.

tallulah said...

Happy Birthday Bella!

MeesheMama said...

She is beautiful!