Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Many Fingers Am I, Momma?

Babies are wonderful. They smell good, they are cuddly. They smile with unabashed love.

Toddlers ROCK. They are spunky, sparkly, argumentative, imaginative and smile as well as hug with unabashed love.

Ava's a yapper. She's been talking for a long time. At 2 1/2, she's at the stage where new and big words are very fun. She also creates her own words.

You want examples? Splendid!

Ava wears a rainsuit to go swimming.

She loves to drink Dr. Peppermint.

Her Papa (great grandfather), who is very sick, needs alot of lovins.

Big words as of late:

Danjuous - "Mommy, walking on the woad is danjuous"

Adowable - "Maggie is a cutie-pie and adowable"

Cussumuh - "We had two cussumuhs come look at the house, Mommy!"

Her facial expressions are hilarious. Eyebrows shoot up, eyes get huge. Everything is over the top and she makes lots of "o's" with her mouth when excited, which is often.

Her favorite person on Earth? Isabella. Ava is her big sister's mini-me with flair. And Bella's got plenty of flair of her own so you can just imagine the entertainment quality around here!

It is easy to get caught up in the every day chores of life but when I take a moment to sit still, I smile as I listen to my little girls pretend play in the other room.

"No Alice! Don't step in the fiery pit of the volcano!"


"Alice! Alice! I save you!"

"No, Ava, you're Alice and you're dead."

"Okay, Bella!"

Rustling sounds. Grunting. (most likely because she's lugging Alice around the room)

"Wanna play school now?"

"Okay, Bella!"

Come to think of it...SISTERS rock!

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