Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Age Appropriate Honesty Or Just Total BS?

We're quite relaxed about nudity. The girls ask questions about my body, giggle at it (thanks) and inquire about Hubby's anatomy. I want the girls to have a healthy view of their own bodies and also know that a male's body isn't some big mystery. We discuss personal privacy and the fact that some subjects are better left discussing with Mom & Dad.

However, inquiring minds still want to know everything.

My girls are fascinated with how they got here. We keep the rated R details out of our explanations but sometimes the conversation throws a curve ball and we're faced with a question we either have to dance around or tackle head on.

The other day, they were asking about their births. Easy enough, right?

How tiny were we when we were born? - I would show them an approximate length

How did we get out of your tummy? - The doctor cut my tummy to get you out (yay for c-sections when it comes to the birth questions)

Didn't it hurt? - No, I was given medicine so it wouldn't hurt AND I was so happy they were about to be born that all I could feel was love (embellishment is acceptable)

What is that blurry picture? - A sonogram. A picture of you in my tummy.

Did they know I was a girl when I was in your tummy? - (Uh oh) Yes.

Could they see my girl privates? - ...yes...

Boys have boy privates. They are called hangers. - Oh? (We're in the vehicle. There's no escape)

Yes. Boys have hangers. Daddy does. Ben does. Grandpa does. - Mmmhmm. (Had to throw Grandpa into the mix? Really??)

Ava pipes in: Boys have hangers, Mommy! Girls don't!

But they aren't really called hangers. What are they called? - (Turn up radio NOW)

I would normally tell the girls that boys have a penis except I know that my friends with boys call it quirky names and NOT penis. I am not gonna be guilty of using a word they obviously aren't ready to use with their children who own one.

We call them boy privates.

Do you think it feels funny when they sit on it? Their privates, I mean? - Well, why don't you ask Daddy? (finally, my out!)

I could tell Bella had filed this question for later. She and Ava spent the rest of the ride arguing about who was the tiniest baby.

When Hubby gets home that evening, the girls immediately start asking their questions.

Daddy, does it hurt when you sit on your hanger? - No, does it hurt when you sit on your girl privates? (He looks at me and mouths "Hanger?" I shrug. Their word, not mine)

Bella ponders and says, No, but I don't have a hanger - Good point.

Daddy, what do you call your boy privates? - My penis.

Great. Now I have to warn the mothers.


Katrina said...

LOL..."hangers"--so funny!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I love the honest inquisitiveness of little ones.

You might imagine that living on a farm adds new dimension to this sort of conversation. Although sometimes it makes things easier.