Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life's Stories

I find life to be full of surprises, mostly funny, though sometimes not. I also find that we human beings aren't as different from each other as we think we like to think are.

Everyone has a story. Everyone likes to share their story. I have to mentally make myself shut up from telling my stories simply because someone has told me theirs and I might have one similar. Sometimes I can hardly stand to be quiet cuz my stories seem so funny to me and I want others to laugh along. Is that ego or just wanting to connect with others?

That's why I blog. I can tell all the stories I want! Even those that I had to shut up about earlier in the day.

My brother is in Breckenridge, CO for his first ever ski experience. He's really excited but has no clue what's in store for him. I've asked him to take pics (he's already texted one to me) and remember all the gory details of learning to ski.

Because MY ski experience was a complete disaster! I look back on it now and laugh but at the time I was thoroughly pissed.

We went on our honeymoon to the gorgeous mountains of Whistler Blackcomb, BC, Canada. It is where the 2010 winter Olympics are being held for cryin out loud. I had no business skiing for the first time THERE. Nonetheless, hubby and I wanted to do something fun and a little crazy for our honeymoon. That seemed to fit the bill.

Whistler is absolutely beautiful and serene. Driving up through the mountains on the side of cliffs was breathtaking. Watching a small boulder narrowly miss us as it fell from the cliff was a wee bit life threatening.

We stayed in a fabulous townhome we'd rented, complete with a private hot tub outdoors. Perfect for honeymooners but, even more importantly, medically necessary for a beginner skiier in Whistler.

The morning started out great. I was to take a full day of lessons since I'd never even seen a ski up close. Wearing all that gear felt ridiculous. My leg muscles refused to cooperate with the simple task of scootching over to the instructor.

1/2 hour later, I was at least moving with both skiis lined up. 2 hours later, I was mastering the snow plow. If you don't ski, that is where you almost but not quite cross your seemingly 30 foot skiis in the front to slow your butt down as you speed down a powdery hill.

Lunch time came. I was feeling pretty good about my progress. Turns out, my new darling husband thought I was AMAZING on skiis. Really? Oh. Okay! What? You want me to take the rest of the afternoon to learn with you instead since I'm so awesome? GREAT!

The instructor just shook her head and waved goodbye. I figured she had her money anyway and didn't really care what I did.

So we start out. I fall. I fall every 2 seconds. Small children on short skiis with no poles are flying by me.

New hubby is eyeing me with concern. He asked me to remember this move or that as I curse the skiis flying off again.

Me: What "moves" are you talking about??

Hubby: Ummm. Weren't you over there to the left in your lovely blue ski jacket cutting back and forth?

Me: No. I was over there on the right running into the other newbies during my snow plows.

Hubby: Crap. (it may or may not have been a stronger word)

So we literally spent the next 2 1/2 hours trying to get me off of the bunny slopes. It was excruciating! God bless my husband because he was SO PATIENT with me and I knew he really wanted to leap onto the gondola and ski the black slopes with abandon.

I pretty much fell down the mountain that day. Almost at the bottom of Blackcomb, I was so mad that I finally got the hang of it. And then I spent the rest of our weeklong vacation in the hot tub, watching movies and hiking a mountain once my limbs resumed use.

I'm excited for my brother. I hope no matter how his first experience skiing turns out, he comes home in good condition with a great story.

Wait until he goes to the Grand Canyon. Boy, do I have a story to tell then!


The Girl Next Door said...

I so relate to this whole post!!! Every word!!!! Thank for reminding me of my first skiing experience, it was just about the same but sanz a husband and add a best-friend and a dude who decided to take a jump off a bolder... onto me! he was kind enough to yell as he flew thru the air tho... right?! LMAO

Oh and welcome back... I kept checking! ;)

tallulah said...

I can totally relate too! The 1st (and last time)I went skiing, I couldn't stop while going super fast down an icy cat-track. The asshole in front of me turned around and kept me from crashing in to him with his ski pole. 2 broken ribs. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

You're baaaaack! WahooO!!!

YOU'VE BEEN TO WHISTLER?!?! That's great! I lived not far from there and went there for many a high school 'ski club' trips. Well, one trip. And many trips after that for fun.

See, there I go telling MY story.

:-) So glad you're back! Kandace