Monday, September 11, 2006

Wonder Pets

If you have a toddler as well as the channel Noggin, you may be well aware of "Wonder Pets". It is a cute animation involving a hamster, baby chicken and turtle. They save animals in trouble by putting together a flying machine made from the toys in the preschool where they reside.

Isabella LOVES this show. Mostly because it has animals but also because there is lots of singing.

We sing the tune all day long. It is a simple tune you can add whatever words you want. And we do. To change diapers (an increasingly difficult feat), while making supper or any other less than desirable activity.

Friday night, at a restaurant, she was getting very tired of waiting for the food to arrive so I softly began singing the song:

"The phone is ringing"
"There's an animal in trouble!"
"We better save her!"

Then Bella asked who it was. It was a baby chicken. She was stuck in the salt shaker, so Bella saved her.

Then Bella began the song:

"The phone is winging"
"There's an amimal in twouble!"
"We betta save hu"

I asked who it was. It was Aunt Amanda. She was stuck in the ceiling light. My husband and I tried to control our laughter as she spun off into her own little imaginative world, reaching up towards the ceiling and "catching Anamana". I'm sure people around us were wondering what affliction ailed our daughter who was singing loudly and flinging her arms all around.

I'm continuously surprised by my daughter. I guess I didn't realize kids' imagination kicks into play so early in life. I love to watch her learn, grow and expand her world. It will be a sweet day the first time I see her play pretend with her little sister. Hopefully it will be a sweet day and not one where "Dr. Bella" decides to perform major surgery on her little sister with an object she swiped from a kitchen drawer. Hmmm...think I'll empty the drawers now.


tallulah said...

I've never seen the show but it sounds fun. I also am continually amazed at how early children's imaginations can kick in.

Amanda Sue said...

it is funny, but at that exact moment, i FELT rescued.


sarah said...

That show is HUGE in our house. We here a lot of---"The sone, the sone is winging...we have to help him" Supergirl's best friend (who's 2 1/2) has a new baby sister who is breastfeeding. So now the 2 year old sings "Baby Sophie-stuck on a boobie" The songs are VERY adaptable! Which I think is what makes it great.

Katrina said...

"This is SEWIOUS!"

Shoshana said...

Oh, my kids loves it too. We sung throughout the day...

"what's going to work?" and no matter what my kids are doing, they'll always sing back "teamwork!"

It's so cute. Sometimes, Yossi, my two year old would be the one to sing out "What's going to work?" and gets awfully put out if I don't sing back "teamwork!"

Princess21 said...

I cannot get over how stinking adorable she is!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Micheal LOVES that show, too, but for some reason, there's just one little thing that annoys me about it. I don't know what it is, but you know how just one little thing about something your child loves annoys you and you just can't get over it. Oh well. It's not that Sewious, I'll get over it.