Thursday, September 27, 2007

Puff Jenny

Yesterday, during a wonderful performance of

Something Imaginary by Isabella,

a cute little bumblebee maraca flew into my face.

This morning, the teacher got a sobbing,

wailing, oops-she-peed-on-the-floor-so-sorry Bella

plus her mother looking like this:

I'm wondering if Ms Woodsen will ask Bella later

today what happened to her mama or

if she'll just conclude that we are fully dysfunctional.


Nobody told me that two days later it

would hurt like a mofo and look like this!

I know, I know. POOR ME!


theAdelmans said...

Dang flying bumble-bee maracas.....

T-girl said...

I should have taken a picture of my shiner when Joci pitched her sippy one day! I told everyone that Big J has a temper prob! ROTFL I hope you are feeling better soon, I hated mine. Actually it is kind of funny if you think about it, I imagine the look on the teachers face when she says "I hit her!" will be kind of priceless. LMAO

BTW- I just read your lower post.... yeah today I picted up Joci from school and they had a jar with a stick and dirt in it... when I looked in the BIGGEST spider I had EVER seen in my life jumped down in my face from the top! I about shit my pants... I do NOT do spiders, especially ones that could eat me!

T-girl said...

um... I PICKED Joci up... not pict! LOL Thinking about that ginormous thing still has me all befuddled! That sucker was un-natural!

Jennboree said...

Wow the looks a shiner on a woman gets! It is more noticeable now too. I did explain to the teachers but the looks in the grocery store were priceless.

louann said...

Oh goodness, i hope that gets better soon.

Dr. J said...

Try milking it for attention. Tell the hubby that it really hurts and that the only thing that will make it feel better is:

1. if he finishes chores you were asking him to do for a decade
2. if he buys you candy from See's
3. if he takes care of everything while you lounge (no, sit there suffering and resting).

Jennboree said...

hahaha...Dr J, I like the way you think!

I've been milking it pretty good. My eye has hurt far too much to make dinner, clean the floors or put the baby to bed. I figure I can use some red and blue eyeshadow to prolong this existence.

YankeeAmanda said...

Amazing the injuries our children can inflict upon us!!!

MeesheMama said...

...Like the time K split my eyebrow open throwing a cereal bowl at my head. how can you yell at them when they are crying before you are?

tallulah said...

Oh sure Jen! How many times are you going to use the flying bumblebee maraca story?
Let me give you a website...