Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One Year Today

Dear Birthday Girl,

I can't believe we've already had your sweetness for a year!

You are the light of your sister's life. Isabella adores you and loves being your big sister.

You grew from tiny peanut to sittin pretty and before we knew it...

you were climbing into and out of trouble.

However darling you may be, dear Ava,

Willie still doesn't like his ears tugged.

Your smiles, your giggles, the way you cuddle with one arm curled tightly around my neck. How you suck your finger and thumb till they are raw. The way you look at us with a sparkle in your eye just before going off on another adventure, certain to result in shredded paper or half-eaten crayons/playdoh/books.

How your precious nose wrinkles when you are frustrated or simply want to hear yourself breath funny. The way you plink on the piano so proudly while standing on tippy-toe. Or hold a fresh diaper under your naked behind and squat on it as if to help me out. And those sweet, wet baby kisses at bedtime.

Ava Elizabeth, we love and cherish everything about you. Thank you for enriching all our lives.


Mama, Daddy and Bella

Happy Birthday, Ladybug!!

21 lbs, 30 in
Perfect in every way :)


T-girl said...

AWWWWW! NO WAY!!!! She is so cute!!!!


louann said...

She's already ONE?!
This is way too cute! I love the picture of Ava in the cabinet!

Happy Birthday to Ava!!!

Dr. J said...

Happy Birthday, Queen Cutie!

She's making me think about having the next one!

Kelly said...

Where the heck does the time go?
Happy Birthday Ava!

tallulah said...

Ava and I are both Libras. That has to be a good thing....right?
What a dolly! I love how she still has rolls of baby fat. Enjoy that Jen because it will be gone soon and then you will want to have another baby!
Happy birthday Ava!

NB Warrior said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

sorry, I'm so late. ;o)